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May 25th, 2018

There is all sorts of good stuff going on out there in the world of ADHD. Here is some of the best. (I know, I know, some of this stuff at the bottom isn’t actually an event, but I didn’t know where else to put it on the site.)



St. Louis, MO: Nov. 8 – 11, 2018

The biggest and best ADHD conference is now even better as CHADD and ADDA are joined by the ADHD Coaches Organization. I’ll be doing a session entitled Mourn the Past, Create the Future: Adjusting to the Diagnosis. If you can find a way to get here, you will learn a ton, have a great time, and meet all sorts of really cool people. Information will continue to be posted on the CHADD site.


ADHD Relationship Sex Survey

I’ve created a new survey to explore an important and neglected topic. The purpose of this survey is to better understand the sex lives and relationships of couples where one partner has ADHD and one partner does not have ADHD (sometimes called ADD). There is no research data on this important topic. We would like to better understand it so that we can help these couples have better sex lives and relationships overall. We are looking for responses from partners with ADHD and partners without ADHD. We would like to see what is similar and perhaps what is different. Rest assured that all the information collected from this survey will be anonymous and no identifying data will be collected.

Once we have received enough completed surveys to make the results meaningful, we will be doing a free webinar to discuss the results. In appreciation for taking your time, the survey participants will be the first to receive the results through this webinar and get the recording afterwards. They will also be entered in a raffle for some cool prizes.

You can check it out at


Find Local Professionals

I’m often contacted asking for suggestions for local therapists, prescribers, coaches, etc. Although a personal recommendation is always best, try the professional directories on these sites. These listings make no guarantee that the person is any good, but at least they have an interest in working with folks with ADHD.


Time-Waster Blockers

OK, so this isn’t really an event, but I promised in episode 46 (Two Tools to Stop the Flood, 2/5/10) that I would post the links to the programs you can use to limit how much time you waste on unproductive websites. They are just as relevant as ever!



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