Free Chapter

November 2nd, 2011

I strongly believe that it’s crucial to understand how executive functions drive ADHD behavior. The executive functions explain:

  • Why people with ADHD have certain struggles–and don’t have others.
  • Why certain strategies work–and why others don’t.
  • Why certain treatments are effective–and why others aren’t.
  • Why their past looked the way that it did-and why their future can be better.

I believe that the executive functions are so fundamental to understanding ADHD that I made it the first chapter of the book. The executive functions set the stage for everything about ADHD, so it only makes sense to start the book there. (I wish I could say that it was my great idea to do this, but it was actually my publisher Harvey Parker’s great idea, but at least I was smart enough to recognize good advice when I get it.)

I recorded chapter one as the first podcasts which you can find in the archives, but if you would also like to have it in a written format, you can download the PDF here: tuckman-efs-chapter. Feel free to share with others who may be interested. Enjoy!

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