November 19th, 2012

Dr. Tuckman has provided us with a richly detailed discussion of ADHD in adults and especially how it should be managed, directly written for the adult with ADHD in mind.  Wonderfully supportive and informative, this book provides countless recommendations for addressing the myriad symptoms of poor self-control and time management, inattention and disorganization, and impulsive and careless behavior that afflicts nearly every major domain of life activities for adults.  The book should prove enormously instructive for both adults with ADHD and for clinicians who specialize in its diagnosis and management.

–Russell A. Barkley, PhD (ADHD expert, researcher, and author of numerous books)


More Attention, Less Deficit is outstanding. Written in a clear and easy-to-understand style, the book brings together a vast amount of information, ideas, suggestions, and research. Dr. Tuckman’s energy and empathy sustain the book throughout. All adults with ADHD can benefit from this book, as well as all people who care about them.  Superb!

–Edward Hallowell, MD (ADHD expert and author of numerous books)


More Attention, Less Deficit is a great “life manual” on how to live successfully with any, and all ADHD challenges.  It is full of great strategies and helps the reader to understand the underlying issues so the strategies can truly stick.  Dr. Tuckman’s book is comprehensive, practical and easy to read–just what the adult with ADHD needs and wants!

–Nancy A. Ratey, EdM, MCC, SCAC (ADHD coach and author)

Dr. Tuckman has done a fantastic job at providing a virtual smorgasbord of information for adults with ADHD. By using the menu provided at the beginning of each chapter, the reader can select articles specific to their situation resulting in greater reader interest and satisfaction. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for all adults with ADHD. It’s like getting an individualized consult with Dr. Tuckman!!

–Patricia O. Quinn, MD (ADHD expert and author of numerous books)


More Attention, Less Deficit is the new “Bible” of ADHD. Dr. Tuckman brilliantly maps out strategies and tips while peppering it with facts in a way that makes it interesting and easy for the adult with ADHD to devour in bite-sized pieces. A must-read for all who are touched by ADHD.

–Terry Matlen, ACSW (author and director of


Dr. Tuckman has given us a thorough compilation of science-based information on adult ADHD that is down to earth, easy to understand, practical, and highly useful.  This book provides the essential ingredients of hope, guidance, and knowledge for anyone who wants to understand and gain better control of this complex disorder.

–Kevin Murphy, PhD (ADHD expert, researcher and author of numerous books)


Ari Tuckman offers an insightful, practical and most important user friendly guide for adults with ADHD. This book is chock full of great ideas and exceptional strategies. Most importantly, Tuckman provides a reasoned and reasonable appreciation of ADHD, an essential foundation to help those with the condition find the strength and motivation to take charge of their condition.

–Sam Goldstein, Ph.D. (ADHD expert and author of numerous books)


This valuable book will help adults with AD/HD and those who care about them, have a greater understanding of the disorder – and more importantly -learn what to do about it.    Written in a very user-friendly manner, the book can be read in any order the reader finds useful.  Packed with strategies for successfully managing symptoms, adults with AD/HD will also find ways to come to terms with all that the disorder adds and subtracts in their lives.  This is no small feat, believe me!  An excellent resource from an author who really “gets” what it is like to have AD/HD. (This is my personal opinion. CHADD does not endorse publications.)

–Marie Paxson (President of CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder))


This is the first book I have read where a healthcare professional has conveyed an accurate overview of the coaching process and how it fits into the whole, comprehensive picture of successful ADHD management. Dr. Tuckman’s book represents an excellent educational resource, for not only understanding ADHD, but as a strong starting point to identify potential strategies which can powerfully enhance the treatment of ADHD.

–David Giwerc, MCC (Founder & President of the ADD Coach Academy, Former President of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association)


As a follow up to his highly respected book for professionals, Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD, Dr. Ari Tuckman has done a masterful job culling the scientific literature to design a user-friendly, comprehensive blueprint for living well with adult ADHD. More Attention, Less Deficit will be an invaluable resource for adults living with ADHD, their loved ones seeking to understand the disorder, and clinicians looking for tried and true coping strategies that will help their patients.

–J. Russell Ramsay, PhD (author, researcher, and Co-Director of the Adult ADHD Treatment & Research Program, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)


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