September 20th, 2011

You have to give this workbook a chance. I know, you hate workbooks, we all hate workbooks, but you’re going to love this one because it really is going to help you do stuff you really need to do and really do not want to have trouble with one day longer than you have to. [From the foreword.]

 –Edward Hallowell, MD (ADHD expert and author of numerous books)


Dr. Tuckman continues to do an exceptional job of distilling the essence of theory and science about ADHD into a very practical guide for the adult with ADHD.

–Russell A. Barkley, PhD (ADHD expert, researcher, and author of numerous books)


Dr. Tuckman’s book Understand Your Brain, Get More Done provides realistic, practical, and useful information for those with adult ADHD.   Not only is the book enlightening, but it is also fun to read.   The exercises in the book are educational, easy to complete, and give great insight into the world of adult ADHD.   I have recommended Dr. Tuckman’s companion book More Attention, Less Deficit to my patients and clients, and I have listed it as a recommended resource in my books due to its straightforward nature and wealth of information.  I will recommend Understand Your Brain, Get More Done for the same reasons.  They are both outstanding books.

Stephanie Moulton Sarkis PhD, NCC, LMHC (ADHD expert and author of numerous books)


Dr. Ari Tuckman’s new book Understand You Brain, Get More Done is a great resource that clearly explains and illustrates how ADHD and executive function impacts the lives of adults with ADHD. He clearly explains what executive function is in concise and easy- to-understand language and presents excellent real- life examples to support each area of challenge.

What separates Dr. Tuckman’s new book from so many of the other ADHD books on the market, are the practical exercises he presents for each of the main areas of executive function. He doesn’t tell you what to do. He understands that your ADHD brain wiring is unique and you need to understand how it works so you can make it work for you. That’s why Dr. Tuckman has created a WORK book; not just a book to be read and put on the shelf. He knows that for change to occur you have to work at it. If you do the work in Understand Your Brain, Get More Done, you will discover that your work will successfully work for you. It will significantly improve the quality of your life.

–David Giwerc, MCC (Founder & President of the ADD Coach Academy, Former President of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association)


Understand Your Brain, Get More Done is a straightforward, jargon-free, refreshing workbook – a must for any adult with ADHD. Dr. Tuckman presents valuable scientific information in the most approachable way possible. Adults with ADHD will not be bored, but instead be challenged and enlightened by this structured, information-packed workbook. The book’s tone is non-judgmental, empathic and even humorous at times. Most importantly, Dr. Tuckman gets it. He does not waste the ADHD reader’s time with exercises that sound good on paper but in the real world are useless. This is the workbook I will use with my ADHD clients.

Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D. (Clinical Instructor of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School)


Ari Tuckman has written a truly useful, insightful guide to working with, through, and even around (when necessary) your ADHD brain.

Thom Hartmann (New York Times Bestselling author of 23 books)


This workbook provides a step-by-step guide to a new, more consistent future you may never have thought possible.  Is there work involved?  Of course!  They don’t call it a work-book for nothing.  But Tuckman is right on target with his explanations and strategies – I can’t wait to recommend it to my couples clients!

Melissa Orlov (Author of the award-winning The ADHD Effect on Marriage: Understand and Rebuild Your Relationship in Six Steps)

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