February 16th, 2017

Upcoming Presentations

I’ve got some presentations in the works, but in theory I’m trying to protect the time to write the next book (with varying degrees of success). Depending on when I update this page, it may also include recent presentations. . .

More Tech, More Talking: How Evolving Sex Tech Impacts Fidelity Agreements (Mar. 10, 3:00 – 4:30). Webinar for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment. More information at

Applying the Science of Time Management (Mar. 15, 1:00 – 2:00 Eastern). Webinar for ADDitude Magazine.

Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD (Mar. 21). Full day professional training for Argyle Institute. Montreal, Canada.

Open Q&A (Apr. 5). Webinar for ADDA.

Applying the Science of ADHD Time Management (Apr. 18, 7:00 – 8:30 PM). Presentation for Elkins Park CHADD.

What are Your Clients’ Favorite Lies? (Apr. 29). National Association of Professional Organizers conference. Pittsburgh, PA.

How Do I Know If This Teen Is Ready for College? (May 13). Presentation for the Learning Disabilities Association of New Jersey conference. Princeton, NJ.

Topics TBD (Sept. 7). Danish ADHD Association. Kolding, Denmark.

Executive Functions-Based Integrative Treatment for ADHD (Oct. 20). Professional training for Widener Clinical Psychology Program. Chester, PA.

ADHD From Home to School: Preparing Them for Life Beyond (Feb. 16, 2018). Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Lubbock, TX.


Some of my presentations are available as recordings–you know, in case you missed one for some reason. You may need to become a member of the sponsoring organization to get access to prior recordings, but these are all good organizations, so it’s a worthy investment.


ADHD Between the Sheets: Seven Secrets to Spice Up Your (Distracted) Love Life. With Jill MCDevitt, PhD and Linda Roggli. This was a lot of fun. We tackled the seven myths that interfere with creating a satisfying sex life and offer the seven secrets that will get things going in the bedroom again. A good sex life can have tremendous benefits for every couple, but is especially important for those couples who struggle more outside of bed. And the best part is that improving your sex life also makes it easier to resolve other disagreements more productively. More information here.

A Stronger Mindset for Life’s Challenges. This is a recording a five week teleclass (7.5 hours of recordings, plus a 45 minute summary recording) on mindset traps that are common for people with ADHD and strategies to get out of those traps. Practical strategies for time management, organization, etc. are important, but it takes a strong mindset to use those strategies consistently. In this series, we discuss the psychology of ADHD. More information at

Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD.

90 minute version (1.5 CE credits): streaming audio, mp3 download, or CDs.

Six hour version (6 CE credits): mp3 download or CDs.

ADHD 101 (and 102, and 103. . .) Part I and Part II. Webinar for ADDA. More information at

Procrastination Costs, Causes, and Clever Cures. Three part webinar series sponsored by

If I’m So Smart, Why Don’t I Do What I Know I’m Supposed to Do? Teleclass sponsored by down for Part I (Jan. 9) and Part II (Feb. 6).

Motivation for Real Change. Teleclass sponsored by It’s listed in the ADD Audio Library.

So, What is Attention, Anyway? Teleclass sponsored by

Get Motivated, Stay Motivated. Teleclass sponsored by ADD Resources.

Understand Your Brain, Get More Done. Part of the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit. You can get more information at I was one of a dozen ADHD experts.

Organizing the ADHD Brain. CHADD national conference 2010. With Judith Kohlberg. (Session ID is CHADD1053)

Audio version: mp3 download ($10) or CD ($12).

DVD ($25)

Organizing the ADHD Brain Using Executive Functions. Mid-Atlantic Conference for Professional Organizers 2011. Available as CDs or download.

Everything You Wanted to Know about ADHD but Forgot to Ask. Teleclass sponsored by It’s listed in the ADD Audio Library.

ADHD in Adults. The Wise Counsel Podcast hosted by David Van Nuys, PhD. You can listen or read the transcript at

Money Matters: Help for the Chronically Disorganized. With Stephanie Sarkis, PhD. Teleclass sponsored by

ADHD and Depression: Treat Your ADHD, Feel Better. Teleclass for the 2009 Virtual ADHD Conference. More information at

Acceptance is Empowering: Control What You Can, Let Go of the Rest.

Teleclass sponsored by

CHADD national conference 2009. More information at (session ID is SC2).

To Tell or Not to Tell: Self-Disclosure, Relationships, and Self-Esteem. Teleclass sponsored by It’s listed in the ADD Audio Library.

To Tell or Not to Tell: You’re OK, But Others Might Not Be. Session from national CHADD conference 2010.  Available as mp3 download ($10) or CD ($12). (Session ID is CHADD 1072.)

Fundamental Strategies to Overcome Inattention, Hyperactivity, and Impulsivity: Beyond the Basics. Teleclass sponsored by It’s listed in the ADD Audio Library.

Overcome the Triple Threat: ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression. Teleclass sponsored by It’s listed in the ADD Audio Library.

Open Q&A: You Bring the Questions, We’ll Bring the Answers. Teleclass sponsored by the Attention Deficit Disorder Association. More information at

Practical Strategies for Overcoming Executive Function Weaknesses.

Teleclass sponsored by Free for members.

CHADD 2009 Conference Session. More information at (session ID is FB4).

Relationship Balance When One Person Has ADHD. Teleclass sponsored by It’s listed in the ADD Audio Library.

Managing Career Stress and Anxiety in an Uncertain Economy. Teleclass which is part of Get Your Career in Gear: How to Find and Keep Your Perfect Job while Reducing Stress and Anxiety. More information at

How the ADHD Brain Works: Strategies for Executive Function Weaknesses. Teleclass sponsored by It’s listed in the ADD Audio Library.

Coping Mechanisms that Work (and Don’t Work) for Adults with ADHD. Teleclass sponsored by It’s listed in the ADD Audio Library.

Grab the Reins: ADHD is an Explanation, Not an Excuse. Teleclass sponsored by It’s listed in the ADD Audio Library.

Adult ADHD and Building Self-Esteem. Teleclass sponsored by ADD Classes. More information at under the ADD Audio Library.

Coping Strategies for Adults with ADHD. Teleclass sponsored by $15.

Improving Your ADHD Relationships and Friendships. Teleclass sponsored by $7 or free for members.

Explanation or Excuse? Take Charge of Your Life. Teleclass sponsored by $7 or free for members.

Money Management for Adults with ADHD. Chat sponsored by CHADD. More information here.

Coaching Clients for a Happier Relationship. Training for the ADHD Coaches Organization. More details at

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