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November 19th, 2012

This is the only book about ADHD in adults written in a structure that caters to the tendency for adults with ADHD to jump around. This essential guidebook begins by describing how the ADHD brain processes information and how that leads to typical challenges that people with ADHD experience, as well as why certain strategies are effective and others aren’t. This lays the foundation for everything that follows, from getting diagnosed to an overview of the research of how ADHD affects people’s lives.

A thorough explanation of standard treatment options-including medication, therapy, and coaching-as well as alternative treatments, helps guide adults with ADHD to get the most from their healthcare providers. From there, the book provides an extensive collection of practical strategies to overcome common struggles in the areas of self-esteem, work, relationships, friendships, parenting, and everyday life. It covers everything from time management to getting organized.

Brief, ADHD-friendly articles can stand alone or be read in sequence, making it the perfect book for the busy adult with ADHD who wants rock-solid information that is easily digestible. There are lots of books written about adults with ADHD; this is the book that’s written for them.

What Makes This Book Different?

There are quite a few books out there about ADHD in adults. Why should you spend your precious dollars and time on this one? In my obviously biased opinion, this book is better in a number of important ways:

  • An ADHD-friendly structure. This book is a collection of articles, each on a particular topic. It’s organized in a way to make it easy to find exactly what you want. Most adults with ADHD do not read books straight through, so I purposely wrote this book to cater to that tendency to jump around and not make it to the end. So jump around!
  • Reader-friendly article summaries. Each chapter begins with an introduction and the main points contained in each article to help you decide which articles are most relevant to your situation and thereby worth reading. These summaries can also help you remember better by cueing you what to focus on.
  • A unique feature. The lower corner of each page is perforated to make it easy to tear off the corner to indicate that you have already read a particular article. This is helpful if you want to read the book out of order (and you probably will).
  • Rock-solid information. Although my goal is to make this book highly useful, I base most of it on what research has found. The rest of it comes from my decade of treating ADHD in adults, running a support group, and a hundred-and-something presentations. Information that is factually accurate tends to be most useful.


Free Sample!

I strongly believe that it’s crucial to understand how executive functions drive ADHD behavior. In fact, I made it the first chapter of the book! I recorded chapter one as the first podcasts which you can find in the archives, but if you would also like to have it in a written format, you can download the PDF here: tuckman-efs-chapter. Feel free to share with others who may be interested. Enjoy!


Buy the Book

More Attention, Less Deficit is available at all the usual places or you can buy it through ADD Warehouse by clicking here. Enter coupon code 19380 (my zip code) to save 25%!

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