Psychologists have a lot of good information to share, whether it's one-on-one in their offices or through the media. I have appeared on TV and radio and in major and regional print/web platforms.

I'm happy to provide quotes or background information to members of the media and do my best to respond quickly.

-Ari Tuckman, PsyD

Media Appearances

New York Times logo 270x270

The New York Times

"Speed Bumps on the Way to an A.D.H.D. Diagnosis"

Interview on getting an ADHD diagnosis


Philadelphia Inquirer

"Adult ADHD is Hard on a Marriage, But There's Help for Couples"

Interview on how to have a happy relationship with ADHD



Men's Health

"How Having ADHD Affects Your Sex and Love Life"

Interview on how ADHD impacts a couple's sex life and relationship

Today logo 270x270


"How to spot the symptoms of adult ADD"

Quoted in article on ADHD symptoms in adults

US News World Report logo 270x270

US News & World Report

"How Having ADHD Can Impact Your Sex Life"

Interview on ADHD & sex

HEALTHmagazine logo 270x270


"10 Things You Should Do If You Have Adult ADHD"

Quoted in article on behavioral interventions and lifestyle changes for adults with ADHD

CNN logo 270x270


"What the sex robots will teach us"

Interview on evolving sex tech

Health Central logo 270x270

Health Central

Articles on ADHD


Psych Central logo 270x270

Psych Central

Articles on ADHD

Everyday Health logo2 270x270

Everyday Health

Articles on ADHD

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Recurring publications:

Dr Ari Tuckman is the author of a numerous articles in Attention Magazine, a publication by CHADD

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Dr Ari Tuckman is a frequent contributor to Additude Magazine.

Dr Ari Tuckman is the author of a Psychology Today blog called "Sex Matters: Why good sex is important."