Speaking Engagements

Dr. Ari Tuckman frequently presents on topics related to ADHD, relationships, sexuality, and parenting.

"Your workshop was one of the best I have ever attended."
-Hani Miletski, PhD, MSW, Bethesda, MD

Upcoming Presentations

ADHD, Relationships & Sex: Strategies to Overcome the Over-/Under-Functioner Dynamic

Date: Coming Soon

PESI continuing education webinar


Why Sex Therapists Need to Pay Attention to ADHD

Date: 8/14/20

Organization: Webinar for The Couples Institute

ADHD in Love and Bed: Treating Couples When One Partner Has ADHD

Date: 10/16/20

Organization: Pennsylvania Psychological Association virtual conference

Recorded Past Presentations

General ADHD

ADHD is All About Seeing Time & Feeling the Future

If you want to really understand what makes ADHD ADHD, this is the webinar that does it. And then tells you how to apply it to get more done.

A Stronger Mindset for Life’s Challenges

This course will teach you:

  • How ADHD causes mental traps (but doesn’t have to)
  • How to actively approach challenges while recognizing battles that aren’t worth fighting
  • How to create mutually satisfying, productive, and respectful relationships
  • About the 9 unproductive and unsatisfying mindsets that limit your life

7.5 hours of recordings, plus a 45 minute summary recording

The Psychology of Medication for ADHD

Presentation for Mercer County CHADD

Medication for ADHD: From Myths and Controversy to Understanding and Informed Decisions

After the Diagnosis — Achieving ADHD Acceptance, Treatment, and Momentum

Webinar for ADDitudeMag.com.

ADHD: Solutions and Strategies versus Mindset

Interview on Attention Talk Radio

Managing Chaotic Times in the Life of a Family with ADHD

Interview for ImpactADHD.com

A Parent’s Guide to Sexting, Texting, and Teens

Interview for ImpactADHD.com

Sleep, Meds, Self-Esteem & He-Man

ADHD reWired podcast

Twinning with Your Future Self

The Full PreFrontal podcast

ADHD, Relationships & Sex

ADHD and Couples Therapy

The Couples Therapist Couch podcast

ADHD After Dark

See in ADHD podcast

Sex, Relationships & ADHD

Sexology podcast

How ADHD Affects People's Sex Lives and Relationships

Sex and Psychology podcast

ADHD After Dark: How to Improve Your Sex Life

How to ADHD YouTube channel

Sex, Intimacy and ADHD

ADHD reWired podcast